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Crosstown Connections

Today, hundreds of thousands of people use Metra and other mass transit to get downtown. But inconvenient connections make crosstown trips difficult. CrossRail Chicago will address this need, creating countless new trip combinations and encouraging thousands more passengers to ride trains.

Employment and Development

Cook County suffers from a jobs and housing mismatch resulting in high unemployment and out-migration. CrossRail Chicago will offer an affordable and convenient way for south suburban residents to reach the job-rich suburbs along the I-90 corridor.

Bypassing Congestion

The Dan Ryan, Eisenhower and Kennedy Expressways are the Midwest's most congested freeways. CrossRail Chicago is the most cost-effective method to add capacity in these corridors.

Better Buses

CTA and Pace would be able to redeploy existing assets to enhance connecting services, growing ridership across the entire transit network.